HUBTEX MaxX Mehrwege-Seitenstapler MaxX beim innerbetrieblichen Handling von Aluminium

Electric multidirectional sideloader from Fulda-based manufacturer wins international award

MaxX BY Hubtex wins the FLTA Award 2019

In 2019, the British Fork Lift Truck Association in Telford (UK) presented one of the most prestigious international awards for forklift truck manufacturers: the FLTA Award 2019. Winner in the “Ergonomics” category is Fulda-based company Hubtex with its MaxX electric multidirectional sideloader. In particular, the patented multidirectional steering, the new generation of the HIT3 multifunction display and the ergonomic driver's cab with optimum all-round visibility set the MaxX apart from comparable models in its class. In the competition, the truck prevailed against trucks from Baumann, Jungheinrich and Mitsubishi, which were also nominated.

The FLTA Award is presented annually in the categories “Safety”, “Environment”, “Ergonomics” and “Innovation”. Hubtex is not a newcomer among the nominees: The manufacturer has previously won the “Ergonomics” category in 2007 with its EZK order picking platform. It was also nominated for the EZK model, further developed in the field of vacuum suction technology, in 2017. In 2019, Hubtex celebrated the recognition of its MaxX electric multidirectional sideloader. The winner in the “Ergonomics” category has been specially designed for handling long loads in narrow aisles. Hubtex’s aim with this vehicle is to offer customers the ideal alternative to diesel-powered vehicles for combined indoor and outdoor applications with load capacities of 4.5 tons. The MaxX particularly impressed the discerning jury of experts with its patented multidirectional steering system, which allows users to switch from longitudinal to transverse travel without stopping in between. In addition, the sideloader stood out from the competition due to its ergonomic driver's cab with extended all-round visibility. The jury also praised the new generation of the HIT3 multifunction display, which is integrated into the MaxX model.

The award was accepted on behalf of the entire company by Hubtex Managing Director Hans-Joachim Finger. “The last time we won this prestigious award was in 2007. I am therefore delighted that the 2019 Award recognizes the daily work of our employees from development through to production,” explains Finger. The Hubtex Managing Director was accompanied by his colleagues Juan Cantalejo (Sales Manager UK), Michael Röbig (Marketing Manager) and two employees from Hubtex UK: Paul McNally and Tim Pick from Milton Keynes. 

MaxX nominated for the IFOY Award

In addition to the FLTA Award, the MaxX electric multidirectional sideloader from Hubtex has also been nominated for the IFOY Award, a globally important award. The MaxX allrounder was put through its paces by an independent jury of 29 international members during the IFOY test days at the beginning of 2019. The industry experts carried out various series of tests at the Hanover exhibition grounds, including an innovation check by four renowned scientists. At the end of the test days, the award organization awarded the “Best in Intralogistics” certificates for the year 2019. The proud certificate holder is also the MaxX from Hubtex.

HUBTEX wins the FLTA Award for Ergonomics

Das Fuldaer Unternehmen Hubtex gewann mit seinem Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler MaxX den internationalen FLTA Award 2019 in der Kategorie „Ergonomie“. Verliehen wird der Preis jährlich von der britischen Fork Lift Truck Association in Telford (UK).

FLTA Awards 2019 für Ergonomie

die FLTA prämierte den HUBTEX MaxX 2019 mit dem Award in der Kategorie Ergonomie.

HUBTEX MaxX beim Aluminiumhandling

Der HUBTEX MaxX bietet dem Fahrer ausgezeichnete ergonomische Features, die 2019 mit dem FLTA Award ausgezeichnet wurden.

Alle Gewinner der FLTA Awards 2019

Bereits 2007 erhielt Hubtex mit seiner Kommissionierplattform EZK den Award in der Kategorie „Ergonomie“. Dazu kam eine weitere Nominierung des weiterentwickelten EZK-Modells im Jahr 2017. 2019 bejubelt man nun die Prämierung des Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstaplers MaxX – wieder in der „Ergonomie“-Sparte.

IFOY-Award "Best in Intralogistics"-Zertifikat für Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler MaxX von HUBTEX

Bei den IFOY-Testtagen konnte unser Allround-Fahrzeug MaxX eine internationale Fachjury überzeugen und erhielt das „Best-in-Intralogistics“-Zertifikat.