Warehouse optimization at HIANSA
with multi-directional forklifts PHOENIX

Descarga de camión con la carrretilla multidireccional PHOENIX de Hubtex

Multi-directional forklifts PHOENIX optimize the warehouse at HIANSA

Hiansa focuses on the production and distribution of building solutions, with an emphasis on sandwich panels. These sandwich panels are prefabricated elements used for the construction of buildings and structures due to their thermal insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing properties.

Carretilla multidireccional PHOENIX en HIANSA
PHOENIX Multidirectional Sideloader at HIANSA
Truck unloading with the Hubtex PHOENIX multidirectional sideloader
Transporte de paneles sandwich con carretilla multidireccional HUBTEX
Transportation of sandwich panels with PHOENIX multidirectional forklift truck

Why does HIANSA use HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts?

Hiansa faced operational and environmental challenges as the use of diesel forklifts in narrow aisles produced harmful exhaust gases and affected the air quality in the work environment.

HUBTEX provided Hiansa with electric multi-directional sideloaders that enable efficient operation in confined spaces without harmful exhaust gas emissions, meeting the company's sustainability goals.

With HUBTEX's electric forklifts, Hiansa has achieved the following:

  • Elimination of harmful exhaust gas emissions, improvement of air quality and working environment.
  • Reducing its carbon footprint, underscoring its commitment to sustainability.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in material handling in narrow aisles.

Hiansa demonstrates that HUBTEX electric forklifts offer sustainable and efficient solutions to operational and environmental requirements. The introduction of our environmentally friendly technology underscores the company's commitment to sustainability and the well-being of its employees.

As Hiansa has to handle very long loads of up to 12.50 m, the multi-directional electric forklift PHOENIX with an attachable fork carriage is used here, which can be mounted with a quick-change system as required.

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What is the Hubtex solution?

By replacing the diesel engines with the new electric multi-directional forklift Phoenix MQ 40, the following benefits can be seen:

  • Increased storage capacity: the Phoenix forklifts enable better warehouse utilization and increase storage space by up to 100%.
  • Energy efficiency: optional electric steering reduces energy consumption by up to 33%, lowering operating costs and environmental impact.
  • Sustainability: replacing diesel forklifts with the electric multi-directional forklift Phoenix avoids the emission of polluting exhaust gases and meets the goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our customer has experienced numerous benefits by purchasing our HUBTEX forklifts. Thanks to the environmentally friendly and reliable solution, they have been able to meet their requirements without generating harmful emissions. The use of electric technology instead of diesel means significant economic savings for the customer. For a two-shift operation, the annual energy cost for an electric multi-directional forklift is €5,900, compared to €29,900 for a Diesel four-way forklift.

In summary, by using our HUBTEX forklifts, the customer has been able to optimize its performance and environmental footprint while making significant financial savings.

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