Titelbild HUBTEX SL- AGV
Up to
load capacity
Can be used
in coupled
Controlled via
radio remote


Platform transporter and track wagons are self-propelled vehicles that transport loads on and with the help of their large loading area. They are used for handling and transporting heavy loads of all kinds. In the aviation industry, for example, these include wing segments, fuselages and other components. An application example is the HUBTEX platform truck SL-AGV with a load capacity of 35 t and a height of only 457 mm. The vehicle transports aircraft fuselage parts and work platforms in a large production hall. The platform trucks can also be interconnected to form a system with a higher load capacity. The vehicles are controlled via radio remote controls. If no assembly frame is available, the HUBTEX fuselage transport trolleys transport the aircraft fuselages weighing up to 70 t from one assembly station to the next in coupled operation.

SAFE MANOeuvring

Another option for transporting hulls is the hull transporter (RTW), where a tractor is mounted on the nose wheel. It is used to steer the fuselage. The transport carriages are attached to the later position of the landing gear. The RTW is equipped with an auxiliary steering system for exact positioning at the next assembly station.


Nothing works without a proper foundation. Thanks to our stable frame, the load is distributed equally on all wheels. If uneven ground has to be overcome, this is no problem.


Fernbedienung für die Luftfahrtindustrie von HUBTEX

The vehicle is controlled by a remote control (radio or cable). They can be used individually as well as in coupled mode.

Tire equipment
Polyurethan-Vulkollan Bereifung von HUBTEX

The vehicles are fitted with robust polyurethane tires. This means that heavy loads can be carried. Small wheel diameters enable low ground clearance.


A stable, one-piece frame with level compensation distributes the load evenly over all wheels. Uneven ground can be navigated without any problems.

Load handling

Gear motors with high gear ratios lift the racks electrically by up to 150 mm.

Collision protection

Laser scanners facilitate collision-free positioning and collision-free handling of the vehicle.

Battery and charging technology
Batterie Li-Ionen von HUBTEX

Through the use of lithium-ion batteries, users with long operating times benefit from a quick return on investment due to the significantly reduced incidental and consequential costs. The use of exchange batteries can usually be dispensed with in these cases. Batteries can fully recharge within one hour. With advancements in energy regeneration, lithium-ion batteries absorb energy flows fed back from the vehicle.

Together we will find the best way.

We know that the handling of long, heavy and bulky loads poses special challenges for users. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application.

A HUBTEX platform in the aircraft industry.

The HUBTEX platform passes under the aircraft fuselage to mobilize it.

The aircraft fuselage is mobilized.

The aircraft fuselage is mobilized with the aid of a platform transporter.

A battery with lithium-ion technology.

HUBTEX uses the latest drive technologies, here lithium-ion batteries in the aircraft industry.