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Electric multidirectional order picking platform

Our multidirectional order picking sideloader in the 1-man version (MU-OP) and the 2-man version (MU-SO) can be adapted to your individual requirements. The models are specially designed for picking profiles and pipes in narrow aisles. At the same time, these trucks can be used as conventional electric multidirectional sideloaders for the stacking of complete packs. 

Order picking directly from the cab

The MU-OP model is designed for one operator for the order picking of lightweight loads, such as aluminum, plastic or steel profiles. Its narrow rear frame, the optimized design of the lift mast and the central standup cab in front of the mast make the vehicle very narrow and therefore ideal for use in guided aisles. The central configuration of the standup cab in front of the lift mast gives the driver a clear view into the rack compartment, enabling him to pick light loads directly from the rack. Despite the slender design of the cab, all functions of the multidirectional sideloader are included, making the truck a fully-fledged electric multidirectional sideloader. This means that this vehicle can transport complete packs and bundles or provide manual assistance for order picking processes.

Available with two cabs for long loads

The MU-SO model with two operators is recommended for the order picking of medium to heavy loads. In this model, the cabs are arranged next to the lift mast. This allows for easy order picking by two people, particularly in the case of longer loads.
When stacking complete packs, the truck is controlled by one driver. Optionally, both cabs can be equipped with all operating controls. However, as both cabs are usually only used when picking long loads, one complete control station is usually sufficient. The second cab is equipped with reduced equipment options but complete safety functions. 

Furthermore, the MU-OP and MU-SO series are equipped with all proven HUBTEX standards, such as two-part chassis frames, robust lift masts, ergonomic workstations, three-phase AC technology and HUBTEX information terminals with color graphic displays. 


Frame and chassis
Unsere bekannten Pendelrahmen von den Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstaplern

The best-selling variants of these profile order pickers use the familiar articulated frames of our electric multidirectional sideloaders. Since man-up vehicles are usually used in areas with good floor and ground conditions, the compact PU tires are standard. If a vehicle is required for very narrow aisle widths, HUBTEX offers a variant of the MU-OP with a rigid frame and the narrowest truck width. 
The 2-man version of the electric multidirectional order picker always uses the two-part articulated frame.

Man-Up Kommissionierer von HUBTEX in der 1-Mann Version
Der MU 50 von HUBTEX, ausgeführt in der zwei Kabinen Variante

For the 1-man version the standup cab is located centrally in front of the mast. Operation is via joystick and steering wheel. Maximum safety for the driver is achieved by sophisticated 2-handed operation. A good view of the load and the option of manual order picking are the two main advantages.
In the 2-man version, the two standup cabs are mounted on both sides of the mast and travel upwards with it and the load. Operation is via joystick and steering wheel, usually from only one cab.  

Lift masts and fork carriages
Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Kommissionierstapler MU-OP von HUBTEX

Stable and strong lift masts with internal, protected hydraulics manufactured in-house and high residual load capacity ensure minimal oscillation of the mast. The fork carriage is optionally available in a cranked version for more mobility during order picking or, alternatively, as a continuous profile with fork adjustment.

Maximum flexibility
Der Mehrwege-Kommissionier-Seitenstapler MU-OP von HUBTEX beim Handling von Aluminuium
Der MU 25 mit einer hochgefahrenen 1-Mann-Kabine

The MU series of electric multidirectional order pickers offers users maximum flexibility. The vehicles can be used as conventional multidirectional sideloaders or, if required, as order picking vehicles in no time at all.

We know the best solution.

We know that the handling of long goods presents users with special challenges. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our specialists to find the best possible solution for your application.

Innenansicht einer Standkabine des Elektro-Mehrwege-Kommissionierstaplers

Optimale Sichtverhältnisse und die Möglichkeit leichte Lasten direkt aus dem Regal zu kommissionieren sind zwei wesentliche Vorteile der Standkabine, die sich in der 1-Mann Version mittig vor dem Mast befindet.

Auch die oberste Regalebene kann durch die höhenverstellbare Kabine erreicht werden

Mit dem HUBTEX Man-Up ist eine optimale Sicht auf die zu kommissionierenden Lasten garantiert.  

Das Modell MU-SO zwei Kabinen-Kommissionierer bei der Einfahrt in einen schmalen Regalgang

Bei unserem Modell MU-SO werden die Kabinen neben dem Hubmast angeordnet, welches speziell bei längeren Lasten ein einfaches Kommissionieren durch zwei Personen ermöglicht.

An Regalführungsrollen läuft der MU-OP optimal in den Reaglgängen

Bei sehr begrenzten Platzverhältnissen punktet unser Man-Up Stapler durch seine kompakte Bauweise und der wahlweise vorhandenen Spurführung. 

Der MU-OP 25 ausgestattet mit der 1-Mann Standkabine

Trotz der schmalen Bauform der Kabine können alle Funktionen des Mehrwegestaplers bedient werden, was das Fahrzeug zu einem vollwertigen Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler macht.

Der MU-OP bietet die Möglichkeit direkt von der Standkabine aus kommissionieren zu können

Die zentrale Anordnung der Standkabine vor dem Hubmast ermöglicht dem Fahrer das Kommissionieren von leichten Lasten direkt aus dem Regal.

Das Bedienterminal einer Standkabine von einem Elektro-Mehrwege-Kommissionierstapler

Das Bedienterminal der Standkabine besticht durch seine Übersichtlichkeit und ist aufgrund dessen sehr einfach in der Handhabung. 



Series Load capacity (t) Load bed width NB (mm) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Load bed opening RA (mm) Tire equipment (optional) Battery voltage (V) Cab (optional) Data Sheet
MU-OP (2121) 1.5 to 2.0 600 to 1600 up to 8500 2950 1340 PU 48 V SU PDF
MU-OP (2140) 3.0 to 3.5 600 to 1800 up to 8500 3640 1340 PU 80 V SU PDF
MU-SO (2140) 3.0 to 5.5 600 to 1800 up to 10000 3640 1340 PU 80 V 2 x SU  
MU-SO (2131) 5.5 to 7.0 600 to 1800 up to 10000 3170 / 3500 1630 / 1960 PU 80 V 2 x SU