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The independent alternative for standard and specialized attachments

Heavy Duty forklift attachment

Stabau Forklift Attachments

Ultra-Robust Forklift Attachments Designed for the Steel, Foundry, and Recycling Industries

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The Stabau forklift attachments are designed to tackle the most demanding heavy-duty tasks in the metal, foundry, and recycling industries. Each product in the extensive lineup is crafted precisely, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure unparalleled durability and performance in extreme environments. Discover how Stabau can elevate your operational efficiency and withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications, making every challenge a manageable task. 

Stabau is a truly independent forklift attachment manufacturer. This independence means Stabau is not tied to any major forklift brand, allowing them to collaborate freely and openly with a wide range of forklift dealers without competing interests. Partner with Stabau to enhance your product offerings and deliver uncompromised quality and performance to your customers, without supporting your competitors.

More about stabau

Coil handling with a stabau forklift attachment

Heavy-duty attachment for the handling of metal coils.

Carrying heavy steel equipment with a stabau forklift attachment

Clamps for the handling of special loads.

Carrying heavy steel equipment with a stabau forklift attachment

Handling of metal products with a heavy-duty crane.

Heavy duty forks on a heavy duty forklift

Large forks for the metal industry.

Forklift with heavy duty forks

Handling of large and heavy metal products with large Stabau forks.

Telescopic forks for one side unloading of a truck

Telescopic forks are perfectly suitable for unloading a truck from one side.

Telescopic forks for one side unloading of a truck
Coil Handling with a coil boom

Coil Boom for the handling of metal coils.

Telescopic Forks by Stabau

Telescopic forks

Telescopic forks are employed across various logistics and warehouse operations to facilitate unilateral loading and unloading from trucks or to allow storage in double-depth racking systems. Additionally, the reach forks can also be used as extension forks to adjust to the load depth. These tele forks feature forced synchronization and are available in single and double-cylinder configurations.


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