Platform Truck SFB

The Platform Truck SFB is a freely manoeuvrable, self-propelled electric vehicle for the in-plant transport of all sorts of heavy loads such as: metal sheets, steel girders, coils, machine parts, cast iron and tools. Due to its modular design, this self-propelled vehicle can be customized to suit various customer-specific requirements.

  • load capacities up to 63t
  • can be used as an all-purpose vehicle
  • indoor and outdoor application
  • cable remote control
  • battery powered electric drive (80V)
  • maintenance-free AC drive technology
  • robust design
  • single-axle, all-wheel and multidirectional steering


  • proportional steering
  • radio remote control
  • cabin or driver's station
  • solid rubber tires for driving over asphalt
  • lighting / LED side lighting
  • loading platform according to customer specification
  • safety devices according to customer specification
  • automatization to a driverless transport system, with partners
  • hydraulic lifting device
  • further options available upon request