Platform transporter SFX for heavy-duty transport
Up to
load capacity
Platform height
starting at 457mm
Indoor and
outdoor use

Free traveling platform transporters
for in-plant heavy-duty transport

The transport of heavy and bulky loads presents a particular challenge. HUBTEX is able to meet this challenge with heavy-duty platforms in its new SFX series.
The new SFX platform transporters are available in the load capacity classes 25 t, 40 t and 65 t. In addition, special designs up to 130 t are also possible. The compact, self-propelled heavy-duty transport vehicles for indoor and outdoor use have a large loading area for transporting bulky, heavy loads. Thanks to its modular design, the cost-effective base of the transport system can be equipped with various steering systems or a platform lift and can therefore be expanded into an AGV.
Typical applications would be in-plant heavy-duty transport within the automotive and aviation industries and especially along the value chain of the metal processing industry, from foundry to trade to processing, and many other areas for example in mechanical engineering.
A solution designed exactly for the application will offer you maximum benefit, high vehicle availability and a long service life.

  • Load capacities up to 130 t
  •  Electric drive, quiet and environmentally friendly
  •  Electric battery, maintenance-free AC drive technology
  •  2-way and multidirectional steering
  •  Four different operating variants (cabin, driver station, remote control or automation)
  •  Different tyre variants
  •  Robust design

Allow us to configure your individual offer

Our platform transporters are ideal for in-plant heavy-duty transport. A number of different configuration options are available, adapted to your requirements. We will be happy to help you find the best possible solution for your application. We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation offer without delay.

With the HUBTEX heavy-duty platforms, 
you benefit from a tailored vehicle concept

The modular system guarantees you a vehicle optimally adapted to your requirements, selection of the appropriate steering system or the right operating concept, from manual to fully automated:

Modular system

The high degree of modularity offered by the new heavy-duty platforms makes these vehicles adaptable to a wide range of applications. The frame of the new SFX is divided into three fixed areas front axle, rear axle and center section. Variability at the interfaces of the subassemblies facilitates order-specific adaptation of the length and width compatible to the transport task. Prefabricated modules, such as the wheel stool or the load wheel and drive rocker guarantee universal vehicle standards.

Steering systems

There are two different steering systems available for our heavy-duty platform transporters. We will recommend the appropriate option for you based on your aisle widths and drive-in situations. The 2-way steering is the standard variant for many applications. With small aisle widths, multidirectional steering is often recommended.



Due to the increased complexity and dynamics of the areas of application, flexibility and scalability are becoming ever more important in logistics – and therefore also in the automation of in-plant logistics processes. We estimate that, by 2030, up to 70% of straightforward, in-plant transportation will be partially or fully automated. This is why our SFX heavy-duty transport platforms are consistently prepared for automation. Even subsequent retrofits on previously delivered vehicles are possible in most cases.

Specialists in heavy-duty transport

The energy-efficient heavy-duty platforms from HUBTEX with electric drive offer a number of important features: 

Operation radio remote control platform transporter SFX


The standard operation of our platform transporters is via radio remote control. Operation is via joysticks for precision control, button for emergency stop, horn as well as flexibly expandable options. If necessary, a cable remote control can also be used. This can be connected to the vehicle via several plug-in ports.
Alternatively, operation can be from a cabin or driver station. This is especially suitable for journeys over long distances. Should drivers be required to get on and off the vehicle frequently, a variant with a standup cab is recommended.


Customised battery and charging concept Platform Transporter SFX


Optionally available for our SFX heavy-duty transporters are a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. Classic lead-acid batteries have a charging time of five and a half to fourteen hours, depending on the type of battery charger, with an average of 1200 charging cycles and comparatively low investment costs. These batteries reach their capacity limits in multi-shift usage with high operating hours. Here, either a battery change or a lithium-ion battery makes sense. These can be fully charged from one hour, have unlimited boost charging, have a low weight and can complete up to 6000 cycles.


Steering systems
New SFX platform transporter with 2 steering systems
New SFX platform transporter with 2-way steering or multidirectional steering
New SFX platform transporter available with 2-way steering or multidirectional steering


There are two different steering systems available for our heavy-duty platforms. We will recommend the appropriate option for you based on your aisle widths and drive-in situations. The 2-way steering is the standard variant for many applications. Should the vehicle be longer or the aisle narrower, the multidirectional steering of all wheels with longitudinal and transverse, circular and diagonal travel is the benchmark.


New SFX platform transporter Platform lift
New platform transporter SFX frame


The HUBTEX frame is divided into three fixed areas. The front, rear axle and center section are fixed subassemblies. Due to the variability at the interfaces, the frame has a variability of length and width compatible to the transport dimension. HUBTEX steel construction is characterized by the highest quality standards. Different pad options guarantee the best handling conditions, for example you can choose between the normal standard version made from steel or from various load protection coatings such as wood and plastic.


Platform lift
Platform transporter SFX with lifting function
Platform transporter SFX with platform lift


Our heavy-duty transport platforms are optionally available with a lift function. As standard, the vehicles have a compact platform height from 910 mm. The lifting function can be performed either via cylinder or via a elevating platform. There are also special designs available which, thanks to their compact chassis, allow entry heights from a minimum of 457 mm.


Platform Transporter SFX Drives at Load Wheel Rocker
Platform transporter SFX drive rocker


As standard, the heavy-duty transporters of the SFX series are equipped with PU tyres. These low-wear tyres are ideal for use on smooth industrial floors. In the case of poorer ground conditions, PU soft tyres are also available.

Which tyres will be right for your vehicle is determined individually, depending on the platform’s application. So as well as standard tyres, elastic and pneumatic tyres are also available for poor surfaces outdoors.  


Together we will find the best way.

We understand that the handling of heavy loads presents operators with particular challenges. Make a no-obligation appointment with our specialists to determine the best possible solution for your application.

Our heavy-duty platforms in operation

New Platform Transporter SFX available with trailer coupling and blue arrovw

The new SFX platform transporter is optionally available with trailer coupling and blue arrow.

The new platform transporter with optional multidirectional steering

The optional multidirectional steering makes the SFX platform transporter very manoeuvrable.

Operation via radio remote control

The new SFX generation is operated via radio remote control.


AGV ready with retrofittable scanners

Optional retrofittable scanners ensure safety and are the basis for the AGV design.

The core element of all platform transporters is the chassis and the associated steering system.

The core element of all platform transporters is the chassis and the associated steering system.

Plattformwagen für Schwerlastsysteme

Trotz minimaler Bauhöhe verfügen unsere Stapler über eine Traglast von bis zu 130 t.

Plattformwagen zum Alluminiumtransport

Einsätze in der Aluminiumbranche stellen typische Alltagssituationen für unsere Plattformwägen dar.

Der Plattformwagen mit Fahrerkabine von HUBTEX

Für längere Fahrstrecken bietet sich die Steuerung unserer Plattformwagen über eine Fahrerkabine an.

Plattformwagen mit einer Kabelfernsteuerung

Eine der zwei Bedienvarianten für unsere Plattformwägen ist die Bedienung über eine Kabelfernsteuerung.

Plattformwagen von HUBTEX beim Coiltransport

Individuell passen wir unsere Fahrzeuge an Ihre Wünsche an. So entstehen beispielsweise flexible Aufnahmemöglichkeiten für Coils.

Vehicle specification


Series 4530-1

25 t load capacity

2-way steering

PU soft tyres

910-mm platform height


Series 4530-2

40 t load capacity

2-way steering

PU or PU soft tyres

910-mm platform height


Series 4532

40 t load capacity

Multidirectional steering

PU or PU soft tyres

910-mm platform height


Series 4540

65 t load capacity

2-way steering

PU or PU soft tyres

950-mm platform height


Series 4542

65 t load capacity

Multidirectional steering

PU soft tyres

950-mm platform height

Individual construction

Series SO

up to 130 t load capacity

2-way or multidirectional steering

EL / PU / pneumatic tyres

from minimum 457-mm platform height

Special equipment
Customized platform transporter for your heavy-duty transport

Der HUBTEX Plattformwagen mit minimaler Bauhöhe

“Small but perfectly formed” – Minimum overall height

The heavy-duty platform with currently the lowest overall height in the HUBTEX portfolio of just 457 mm has a load capacity of up to 35 tons. Impressive is the fact that the vehicle simultaneously has a platform lift of 203 mm. This means that the platform transporter, which is equipped with a wide range of assistance systems, can independently drive under the load, lift it and transport it away.


HUBTEX Plattformwagen bei drahtlosem Kopplungsbetrieb


Another innovative equipment variant is the coupling mode. This enables the wireless coupling of two vehicle elements. This creates a robust heavy-duty transport system with double the total load capacity of an individual platform. During transport, both platforms remain in permanent communication and can be operated together via radio remote control or completely automated if necessary.



Der HUBTEX Plattformwagen mit ausgefahrener Auflagefläche

Movable heavy-duty platform

In order to be able to reach flexibly to different load lengths, the upper platform may be moved if required. This offers flexible options for the transport of load racks, molded parts or installations.