Metecno transports sandwich panels

with the universal forklift truck DQ-X

Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X manipulando paneles sándwich

Efficient handling of sandwich panels at Metecno
with the 4-way forklift DQ-X

Metecno is an international group operating in the prefabricated market with a production directed mainly to the roofs and facades of industrial and commercial buildings.
Insulated metal panels, profiled sheets, flashings and other accessories are the basic elements of an integrated system that sets new standards in building construction.


Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X
Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X manipulando paneles sándwich
Metecno - carretillas universales DQ-X con motor robusto
Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X en uso exterior
Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X descargando camiones

What handling problem needs to be solved?

The loads to be moved by METECNO are mainly sandwich panel packages with dimensions between 3 and 18 meters.

Originally, forklifts were used to transport and store the loads, which posed a risk to safety and damage to the loads. Apart from the fact that the storage space was not used optimally and productivity in transporting the loads was low.

Another problem identified were quality deficiencies in the loads, due to the use of forks with small cross-section. This resulted in the bottom plate being dented when the packages were picked up.

What is the Hubtex solution?

HUBTEX is a recognized provider of specialized and customized intralogistics solutions in the field of sandwich panels, where METECNO operates. We advised the customer to use our DQ 45 D 3050-EL series of diesel four-way forklifts, which are equipped with a fork carriage 3200 mm long and offer great flexibility to safely move different load lengths.

To move longer loads up to 18 m, a detachable fork carriage has been supplied to match the length of the loads to be moved. Due to the large dimensions of these plates, the maneuverability of the trucks is limited, so they are only used when the longest loads need to be moved. These fork carriages are equipped with a pair of fixed forks at the ends, which provide greater stability for the loads when they are picked up and allow a better distribution of the loads, since they are distributed over 4 forks. In order to reduce as much as possible the pressure of these forks on the load during pick-up, the cross-section of the forks has been increased.


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4-way sideloader DQ-X handles 18 m long sandwich panels at METECNO