HUBTEX compact heavy duty forklift


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Hubtex will be presenting numerous vehicles for handling long goods and heavy and bulky loads in 2020. In addition to the expanded PhoeniX modular system, the manufacturer is currently showing its new RoxX heavy-duty compact forklift. This marks Hubtex's return to the market for compact forklifts and whilst consistently focusing on the electric drive. The RoxX offers a significantly more compact alternative to the classic heavy-duty front loader and enables efficient handling of loads between 8 and 30 tonnes in the smallest of spaces. In addition, there are news from the FluX series: with the FluX 20, Hubtex will in future be offering a more compact truck for goods up to 2 tonnes in addition to the 7, 4 and 3 tonne versions.

Hubtex proves once again that the Fulda-based manufacturer has the right vehicle for every transportation task. With a wide range of reusable forklifts, the specialist for materials handling and logistics enables loads to be transported safely - even if they are long, bulky and heavy.

RoxX – robust and compact
Heavy loads in particular are often transported with the aid of front loaders. But when in smaller spaces, these vehicles quickly reach their limits due to their length. The heavy-duty compact forklifts of the RoxX family from Hubtex offer a robust and at the same time highly manoeuvrable alternative. The development is based on a cooperation between Hubtex and Dimos. The aim was to bring compact forklifts back into the Hubtex portfolio - and this in a purely electric version.

On the product page, interested parties can take a closer look at the new RoxX. It enables efficient handling of loads between 8 and 30 t in a very confined space. This is because the RoxX is significantly more compact than classic front loaders: 20 % shorter and up to 25 % narrower. Users can also choose from various steering systems. The patented single-wheel steering, for example, reduces the turning circle by 50 %. The lift mast is available in three variants and moves loads safely and reliably thanks to its well thought-out design. Meanwhile, the driver always has an optimum view of the goods being transported. An additional advantage of the RoxX: The purely electric drive leads to an extremely energy-efficient, low-maintenance and quiet operation of the heavy-duty compact forklift.

FluX 20 – small, narrow and fast
Hubtex is also providing information on its new electric multidirectional counterbalance truck FluX 20, which is part of the FluX series already successfully established on the market. The flagship is the FluX 70, designed for loads up to 7 t. In the load range up to 2 t, the FluX 20 benefits from a minimised frame length of 1,740 mm. It also owes its enormous manoeuvrability to the patented and standard integrated HX steering system. The driver changes from longitudinal to transverse travel quickly and without stopping. The new electric multidirectional counterbalance truck also has a powerful 48-volt drive and reaches top speeds of up to 12 km/h.+