the driver’s cab of the FluX 70 from HUBTEX

All-rounder now handles loads weighing up to 7t

Major load-carrying capacity with universal range of applications – Hubtex showcases new FluX 70


The handling of timber materials poses major challenges for manufacturers of forklifts and industrial trucks. Innovative solutions are required to ensure the safe transport of long, heavy and bulky goods, especially on uneven surfaces and in tight aisles. Hubtex has expanded the field of application of its FluX model, with the electrical multidirectional sideloader now able to handle loads weighing up to 7 tonnes. The new FluX 70 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and combines the benefits of an electric multidirectional sideloader with the advantages of a heavy-duty forklift equipped with a combustion engine. The all-rounder will make its debut at the Ligna show at booth N65 in the outdoor area.

Hubtex, the global leader in customised industrial trucks, multidirectional sideloaders and special equipment, has developed the FluX 70. The main benefits of this new class of vehicle lie in its ability to handle timber materials in the load-capacity class of up to 7 tonnes. Companies transporting loads of this weight previously had to rely on heavy-duty forklifts offering the advantage of high driving speeds, power reserves and supposedly simpler operation. Such forklifts have one major drawback, however: they can only be used in wide aisles. In contrast, the dimensions of the new FluX 70 ensure that it can be deployed in much narrower aisles. In addition, its all-wheel-drive system enables the smallest turning radii in any direction, meaning that the electric multidirectional sideloader can also be used in tight spaces. As such, companies can effectively store more goods in the same amount of space. The FluX 70 features Hubtex’ patented HX steering system as standard, helping the vehicle to achieve optimal manoeuvrability and high speeds. This enables the FluX 70 to swiftly switch between forwards/backwards and sideways drive modes without stopping. 

Suitable for use in high-bay warehouses

The new addition to the Hubtex fleet ensures safe transportation during both indoor and outdoor deployments, including in block storage facilities and on uneven surfaces. The forklift features soft elastic tyres as standard, ensuring optimum grip on a wide range of surfaces. Thanks to its design, the fork carriage can be used across the entire width of the vehicle. The maximum distance between the forks is 2,500 mm, which prevents the loads from bending. The FluX 70 can achieve lifting heights of up to 7,500 mm and is therefore suitable for use in high-bay warehouses.

Maximum comfort and long deployments

The cabin of the new electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck ensures maximum comfort for the driver. It has undergone an upgrade from the cabin in forklift series with load-carrying capacities of up to 4 tonnes. The vibration-damped cabin offers generous legroom and maximum visibility in all directions. The FluX 70 represents an eco-friendly alternative to forklifts featuring combustion engines, which helps make emissions and soot residues on goods a thing of the past. Customers can also opt for lithium-ion batteries, which enable longer deployments and therefore enhance vehicle availability.

the new HUBTEX FluX 70

With the new FluX 70 counterbalance forklift truck, HUBTEX has added a real heavyweight champion to its well-known range.

the cab entrance of the HUBTEX FluX 70

The fold-out steps allow easy entry and exit from the cab.

the fork carriages of the HUBTEX FluX 70

Individual adjustments can also be made to the fork carriages of the FluX 70.

View into the driver’s cab of the FluX 70 from HUBTEX

the FluX 70 from HUBTEX convinces with an ergonomic driver's cab