HUBTEX compact heavy duty forklift

New heavy-duty compact frontlift (8-30t) featuring electric drive for tight spaces 

The Hubtex RoxX – powerful, robust and extremely manoeuvrable

Frontlifts are often the vehicle of choice when handling heavy loads, but when used in tight spaces, they quickly come up short. Providing a robust and manoeuvrable solution to this challenge is the RoxX, a line of heavy-duty compact frontlifts supplied by Hubtex. It was jointly developed: Hubtex and Dimos, two multinational manufacturers of industrial trucks have been working together on new intralogistics products and services since late 2017. The new RoxX heavy-duty compact frontlifts are a product of this successful cooperation. Available in various series with load capacities of 8 to 30 tonnes, the vehicles enable the efficient handling of heavy loads in even the tightest of spaces. All vehicles in this product line are equipped with stable and robust lifting masts, while also offering maximum manoeuvrability and optimum all-round visibility from the driver’s cabin. The vehicles’ electric drivetrain also ensures extremely efficient, low-maintenance and quiet operation.

Coils, rolls of paper, converters and tools are just some of the items that Hubtex’ new RoxX can transport safely and reliably. Boasting a high level of manoeuvrability, the vehicle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks above all to its compact design, the RoxX offers major advantages compared with traditional frontlifts: for the same load-bearing capacity, the RoxX is up to 25% narrower and around 20% shorter. In addition, the RoxX is available with a choice of two steering systems. An electro-hydraulic steering system with a single steering axle is fitted as standard. Electric power steering is available as an optional extra, enabling the vehicle to operate in even tighter spaces. A new patented single-wheel steering system significantly reduces the vehicle’s turning circle, resulting in an extra 50% space reduction for its turning radius compared with a standard steering system. In this case, the fulcrum point of the vehicle is ideally located in the middle of the drive axle.

Clever construction ensures safe handling

The construction of the lifting mast is an integral part of the RoxX. Its job is to pick up and safely transport heavy loads – without obscuring the driver’s view. To ensure high flexibility for customers, the lifting mast is available in three variants. The standard model features a 2-stage simplex lifting frame with a lifting height of 3,400 mm. The other versions are a 2-stage (duplex) frame with full free lift, and a 3-stage (triplex) frame with full free lift. All models have a tilt range of -5° to +5°. Hubtex also designs additional frame solutions to meet individual customer requirements. The optimally designed lifting mast and large windows ensure drivers have ideal all-round visibility from the spacious cabin. The latest-generation multifunctional display, HIT3, is easy to use and ensures that drivers can keep an eye on all important vehicle data at all times. The new Hubtex forklift features a purely electric drivetrain, which delivers 30% greater efficiency compared with vehicles featuring an electro-hydrostatic drivetrain. This not only drives down energy consumption, but also service costs, as the vehicles do not feature any high-maintenance hydraulic equipment. The modular design of the heavy-duty compact frontlift also guarantees optimal access for maintenance and repair work. In addition, the driver’s cabin can be folded down, enabling swift reaction times and easy maintenance when it needs servicing. Furthermore, replacing the battery is easy, thanks to fork pockets on the battery and a mechanical locking mechanism.

HUBTEX RoxX heavy-duty compact frontlift

The HUBTEX RoxX is the most agile heavy-duty compact frontlift in its class and convinces with its electric drive and the visibility from the driver’s cab.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts transport heavy loads in confined spaces.

Die Schwerlast-Kompaktstapler können Lasten bis zu 30 Tonnen auf engsten Gangverhältnissen transportieren.

The heavy-duty compact forklifts have a low-noise electric drive.

Die Schwerlast-Kompaktstapler verfügen über einen geräuscharmen und umweltfreundlichen Elektro-Antrieb.

HIT 3 display of a compact heavy duty forklift

Die Kabine ist mit einem Display, einem Joystick sowie einen individuell einstellbarem Fahrersitz ausgestattet.

Steps make it easy to enter the cab.

The driver’s cab provides the driver with the best possible ergonomics.