HUBTEX ESTL become PhoeniX

Two new vehicle series – from standard vehicles to AGVs

LogiMAT 2020: Hubtex expands PhoeniX
development platform

Bold steps into the future – Hubtex will be presenting two new vehicle series with Industry 4.0 features for progressive automation at LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart/Germany. The leading manufacturer of custom-made industrial trucks and side loaders has redesigned its PhoeniX modular system. In addition to the electric multi-directional side loaders in the 3 to 4.5-ton capacity range, which were launched at the beginning of 2019, even more compact vehicles with a load capacity of 1.5 to 3 tons are now available. The basic equipment includes the electric steering, a highly ergonomic driver's cab, the latest operating terminal with colour display and a functional high-visibility mast. Thanks to the patented HX steering, even complex transport tasks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and reliably. Visitors to the LogiMAT 2020 can experience the benefits of the new PhoeniX series at stand D05 in hall 10.
Hubtex has redesigned the industry's largest modular system for electric multi-directional side loaders and developed the PhoeniX development platform. The Fulda-based manufacturer will gradually replace its electric multi-directional side loader with pendulum frame with vehicles from the PhoeniX series. Until the PhoeniX modular system has been completely redesigned, both the current models and their predecessors are available to customers. New to the range are the 2820 and 2821 series with a load capacity range of 1.5 to 3 tons.

2820: Compact and multidirectional

The 2820 series is the smallest and most compact vehicle in the new PhoeniX series. With a frame length of 2100 mm, the electric multi-directional side loader provides a viable alternative to four-way reach trucks. It is particularly suitable for handling long goods in narrow aisles. Loads are safely and accurately transported directly from the truck to the intended rack location. Thanks to the rubber tyres, the vehicle can be used both indoors and outdoors. With optional patented HX steering, the PhoeniX offers optimum manoeuvrability. The four wheels can be steered in all directions, and are able to change direction from longitudinal to transverse travel without stopping. The electric multi-directional side loader can also be used in aisles with lane guidance and reaches lifting heights of up to 6 metres. Usable widths, lifting heights, fork carriers and other design details can be individually adapted to the specific requirements. The spacious driver's cab also offers maximum ease of use and, when combined with the revised mast types, provides an optimal view of the transported goods.

2821: Narrower vehicle for increased storage capacity

The PhoeniX 2821 series specialises in handling long loads in narrow aisles, primarily by reducing the vehicle width by 400 mm compared to its predecessor. However, the basic construction is slightly longer than the 2820 series. Trucks from both series are available with a 48-V drive and two battery capacities of 620 or 775 Ah. The lifting height can be adjusted up to a maximum of 12 metres. Like the 2820 series, the 2821 series is equipped with rubber tyres and is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The narrow vehicle allows the storage capacity to be significantly increased, as racks with multiple aisles can be reduced to a minimum aisle width. Guidance systems also ensure reliable operation of the vehicles. The electric multi-directional side loaders are available with both a standing cab and a longitudinal seated cab. In addition, the patented HX steering is also available on the 2821 model.

Progressive automation and close customer contact

Hubtex has been pursuing a multi-stage automation strategy for two years. Therefore, the basic model of the electric multi-directional side loader is already designed for automation. Numerous assistance systems can be added as an option. Additional features are available for the new PhoeniX series, for example, to improve communications between warehouse management systems and rack positioning. In addition, Hubtex is currently developing the PhoeniX AGV, a fully automated electric multi-directional side loader. The vehicle is best suited to transporting long loads in the wood, metal and plastics industries and enables seamless integration into existing warehouse concepts.

Hubtex works closely with its customers on all projects and supports them throughout the entire logistics process. This is the only way to ensure that all interfaces between production, warehouse management, automation, digitisation of processes, efficiency planning and energy management are recognised and optimally linked.

Visitors to LogiMAT can find out more at the Hubtex stand D05 in Hall 10 or at

The HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader PhoeniX

Auf der Logimat 2020 werden die neuesten Produkte von HUBTEX ausgestellt, unter anderem der weiterentwickelte PhoeniX Mehrwege-Seitenstapler.

HUBTEX ESTL become PhoeniX

Der HUBTEX PhoeniX bietet den größten Bausatz für Elektro-Mehrwege-Seitenstapler in der Branche.

HUBTEX HIT 3 Informationssystem

Das HUBTEX HIT 3 liefert eine übersichtliche Anzeige aller relevanten Fahrzeugindikationen.

The new Phoenix series of electric multidirectional sideloaders in operation

The almost infinite number of combinations offered by these series mean that a HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader will always be suitable for its application.

Title image industry solution

HUBTEX offers the ideal solution for handling heavy and long loads in many industries


Old meets new – the HUBTEX ESTL has been transformed into the new PhoeniX with even more customization options for the customer.

HUBTEX PhoeniX in operation

Proven systems supplemented by even more options – that is the new HUBTEX PhoeniX electric multidirectional sideloader.

HUBTEX PhoeniX passing through a gate

The PhoeniX vehicles can also be moved freely, both indoors and outdoors. 

PhoeniX cab with all-round visibility

The new PhoeniX generation offers the best all-round visibility with compact dimensions – so the load and aisle are always in view.