Electric multidirectional sideloaders


The handling of long goods confronts users with particular challenges. The loads have different dimensions and often have to be transported safely in narrow aisles. Vehicle concepts which can be flexibly adapted are therefore in demand. And this is where HUBTEX comes in with its multidirectional sideloaders. Over the past 38 years, the core product has been developed in countless variants. Our multidirectional sideloaders are suitable for the handling of long goods, stacks of metal sheets, chipboard, tools, cable drums, rollers, oversized pallets and round bars in narrow-aisle rack systems or in a freely movable manner both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of HUBTEX Electric Returnable Sideloaders

Optimal warehouse capacities

Due to the use of HUBTEX sideloaders, narrow aisles can be passed through without any problems and the distance between the rack rows reduced to a minimum. This creates space for additional rack rows and new warehouse capacity.


You will find your ideal solution here:

Our multidirectional sideloaders with electric drive are divided into four different product groups.

ESTL | PhoeniX

The modular systems for our ESTL | PHOENIX electric multidirectional sideloader series offer the most variants worldwide. These trucks can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the application in almost all equipment variants. 

Freisteller ESTL und PhoeniX von HUBTEX
MaxX 30 from HUBTEX


Reduced to the best-selling variants, this multidirectional sideloader offers a price alternative to diesel and LPG-powered vehicles while still offering unique technical selling points.  


Our 3-wheel sideloaders offer a cost-effective way to handle long loads in combined outdoor and indoor use with load capacities of up to three tons. 

DQ 30 from HUBTEX
Easy from HUBTEX


The EASY is specifically designed for indoor use with good floor conditions. It is always recommended when a 4-wheel fourway sideloader is required for light operations. 

Our product variety
4 lines - 28 series of electric-multidirectional-sideloaders

  • PhoeniX
  • ESTL
  • MaxX
  • BasiX
  • EasY
  • 1-shift operation
    max. 600 hours per year
  • Standard loadbed width
  • Aisle guidance
  • Standard features
    (e.g. illumination, RWL, camera)
  • 1-piece frame with 3 wheels
  • more than 600 hours per year
  • 1-piece frame with 4 wheels and
    hydraulic level compensation
  • Battery option
  • Mast reach dampening
  • Multi-shift operation
  • Customized loadbed widths
    and loadarm opening
  • Cabin options
  • Special features
    (e.g. postioning, load manager, etc.)
  • Bystander safety device (PSA),
    wire guidance
  • 2-piece pendular frame
    (mechanical level compensation)
  • AGV-ready