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Reach trucks

The HUBTEX reach truck is characterized by its compact design combined with a high load capacity. It comes into play whenever the load capacities of standard reach trucks from the major series manufacturers reach their limits.                                                                                            
With our SQ series, not only do you benefit from significantly higher load capacities with the same aisle dimensions, but also, for example, from the smallest turning circles promoted by our multidirectional steering system. This means that we can offer you the perfect solution for your “heavy” handling problem and will be by your side with all our expertise as your partner for customer-specific reach trucks.

Fourway reach truck handling copper.

High load capacities with compact dimensions

Mass-produced reach trucks reach their limits with load capacities greater than 2.5 tons. This is the case at Carl Schlenk AG, where materials weighing up to 4 tons need to be transported. In the search for a new reach truck, the company was faced with the challenge of finding a truck that had the same dimensions as conventional reach trucks but with a 1.5 ton greater load capacity. The result of the search is the SQ 40 electric reach truck from HUBTEX: This vehicle combines a higher load capacity with an overall width of 1300 mm and an overall length of 2870 mm. Thanks to the benefits of the SQ 40, loading and stacking will be able to be carried out more safely at Carl Schlenk AG in the future, making optimum use of the limited space available.

A reach truck handling reels of paper.

Individual manufacturing options

HUBTEX lift trucks are as flexible and individual as

the requirements of our customers. In addition to the compact SQ series, this range also includes a heavy-duty version and a multidirectional version. Among other things, this makes it possible, for example, to efficiently transport large weights with particularly compact load dimensions. This diversity of variants makes it possible to exploit the synergies in the areas of development, production and procurement to the benefit of the customer. Numerous customers, such as those in the tire industry, already rely on HUBTEX vehicles. But customers involved in the handling of heavy loads can also be convinced by our reach trucks. This is why it is already being used in the handling of metals, coils and reels.


The vehicle cab is adapted to the driver.

Our perfectly thought-out, comfortable driver's cab offers the best all-round visibility, a non-slip floor covering and unrestricted legroom. The operational controls are clearly arranged, which reduces the training period for new drivers. The cab has vibration damping and the sprung, multi-adjustable comfort seat ensures fatigue-free, quiet working and protects the driver's health (intervertebral disks).

Lift mast
The HUBTEX reach truck with raised load.

Our stable and strong lift masts produced in-house score with internal, protected hydraulics and high residual capacity. For the safe and efficient handling of loads, HUBTEX manufactures various lift masts and fork carriages in line with customer specifications. Optional attachments are available such as telescopic forks, side shifters, rotators, lifting mandrels.

The fourway reach trucks have an electric drive.
The batteries of the forklift trucks can be easily exchanged.

Clearly arranged operational controls and the simplest operation facilitate easy handling of our reach trucks. All hydraulic functions and the direction of travel are sensitively and precisely controlled via fingertips or the multifunctional joystick. 
Desired movements such as lifting, lowering, mast reach, fork tilt and fork positioning can be quickly and safely activated without having to constantly change grip. Furthermore, modern control technology with energy recovery extends the service life and handling capacity of the reach truck with the same battery capacity. 


The vehicle has high load capacities with a compact design.

High load capacities can also be achieved with large load centers.

These forklift trucks can be individually equipped.

The reach trucks have been designed for indoor and outdoor use.

HUBTEX SQ with raised load.

The SQ reach truck transports two copper coils on a pallet.

Reach truck handling pallets.

A reach truck handling palleted goods in a goods warehouse.

The vehicle has an ergonomic cab.

HUBTEX reach trucks are equipped with an ergonomic cabin interior.

HUBTEX reach trucks handle heavy loads.

The reach trucks from HUBTEX can transport heavy loads up to 6 tons.

A HUBTEX SQ 40 in use outdoors.

The HUBTEX reach truck handling a copper coil outside.

HUBTEX reach trucks in the automotive industry.

HUBTEX reach trucks are used in various industries, here in the automotive industry.

The HUBTEX SQ picks up a rack of cheeses.

The reach truck passes under the rack of cheese wheels and lifts it on the forks.

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Technical data

Series Load capacity (t) Fork length l Lift height (mm) Frame width b1 (mm) Dimension 12 Tire equipment Drive Cab
4125 4 1200 up to 7500 1300 1450 PU Electric Transverse seat
Special 3.0 up to 6.0 on request on request on request on request PU Electric Transverse seat