Gebraucht- und Mietgeräte von HUBTEX im Lager



A good alternative to the costly investment in a new truck is the purchase of a refurbished vehicle. HUBTEX carries out maintenance and overhaul of our vehicles in the in-house service workshop. Users benefit from the diverse reprocessing options at the manufacturing plant of particularly durable, highly productive and perfectly adapted vehicles.

As a manufacturer of special vehicles and multi-directional forklifts for heavy and long loads, we offer not only our new vehicles for transporting bulky loads but also the reprocessing of used equipment. Especially when the vehicles are required in medium-length scenarios, the purchase of a used device pays off. In addition, more and more companies are also using backup equipment for HUBTEX's refurbished multi-directional forklifts.


The overhaul always follows a defined procedure: After the assessment of the device by a HUBTEX expert, the condition is recorded in the examination report and the necessary work for the general overhaul is determined. Our customer consulting also includes the use-oriented testing of vehicle equipment. Possible changes to vehicle equipment include the use of energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries, the retrofitting of telescopic forks or the installation of guidance systems on many vehicles. This can achieve significant energy savings depending on the application. Finally, the preparation of the vehicle and the installation of the necessary original spare parts is done. With comprehensive functional and operational inspections, HUBTEX tests the vehicle, thereby ensuring that the trucks can be used economically and efficiently over the next years.

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It does not always have to be new - you will find the whole range of used HUBTEX trucks and rental equipment on our partner site Forklift International via the link below.