The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS in use outdoors
Air cargo goods include:
Electrical goods
Aid supplies
Aircraft, space and motor vehicles
Optical equipment
Pharmaceutical and chemical products

Truck Dock

A stationary device with a hydraulic lifting unit, which allows air cargo to be loaded into and unloaded out of trucks. The conveyor is brought to the same level as the truck loading ramp for this purpose. Horizontal transport of the ULDs is usually carried out by a roller conveyor.

ULD Mover

ULD Movers are wheeled, unsprung platform transporters for the transportation of ULDs. Dolly docks are used airside to transfer ULDs to and from airfield transport vehicles. The dolly train transports multiple ULDs on the apron to the aircraft.

ULD Pallet Mover

An electrically operated industrial truck for transporting slave pallets. ULDs are transported using these pallets, which are made of sheet metal and have multiple rows of rollers. The pallets can be lifted using a lifting unit.

Regalbediengerät (Elevating Transfer Vehicles, kurz ETV)

ULDs are stored in a racking system in the terminal for a certain period of time. The Elevating Transfer Vehicle moves the ULDs horizontally and vertically via a lift and roller conveyor. The device is guided by rails.

Transferfahrzeug (Transfer Vehicle, kurz TV)

Vehicles that handle the horizontal transport of ULDs on one level. They can be operated semi-automatically and fully automatically and consist of a simple construction with integrated roller conveyor. The transport direction is usually predetermined by rails.


what you can achieve with a muktifunctional transport vehicle?

  • Allows the transport of goods and ULDs Without scratches, breaks or other damage
  • Overcomes system limitations,, is insensitive to temperature and can be used in many different ways (indoors and outdoors).
  • Leads to an increase in energy efficiency through the use of electric drives and powerful motors.
  • Lowers operating costs by using state-of-the-art technology with minimal repair requirements.
  • Does not need much space for turning and steering, making it ideal for confined rooms and spaces.
  • Offers a long service life and high availability.
  • Offers a backup solution to ensure high process reliability.
  • Offers a high level of comfort for the driver and allows an optimal view of the working area.
  • Provides a high degree of flexibility when carrying out all the work required in the terminal. It should be possible to adapt equipment variants and add-ons to individual requirements and different work processes.
  • Meets the IATA standards.
X-Way Mover


The new HX-steering (360° endless steering) leads to an increased manoeuvrability of the vehicles. The X-Way Mover can be optimally manoeuvred even in the most confined spaces - switching from longitudinal to transverse travel is possible without stopping. Further advantages: reduced tyre wear and faster work processes. 

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS transporting ULDs


The construction of the vehicles is based on a modular system, in which load capacity, lifting height and vehicle width can be adapted to the respective application. The two models of the X-Way Mover differ functionally: 14,000 kg load capacity is possible with the X-Way Mover 140. The X-Way Mover 70 can handle 7,000 kg, and both have two masts for maximum stability and a platform width of 2,500 mm. 



The weather-protected and air-conditioned cab of the X-Way Mover is ergonomically optimised. The driver benefits from a pleasant all-round view and increased operating comfort. The information terminal has been redesigned and displays, for example, the exact wheel position of the vehicle.

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS on uneven ground

4. SAFE Transport

The 2,500 mm wide platform of the X-Way Mover is equipped with a robust, electro-hydraulic roller deck. In the conventional use of electric front loaders without multidirectional chassis, damage to the handling goods is often unavoidable due to the aisle width in the terminal. The X-Way Mover, on the other hand, can be used both indoors and outdoors and transports the goods gently and safely.



By replacing individual vehicles and stationary equipment in the terminal, storage capacities can be significantly increased - up to twice or even three times the amount of space required. By eliminating interfaces, the entire work process is optimized and accelerated. The multifunctional X-Way Mover is a complete solution for logistics between airside and landside.

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS can also be easily maneuvered in the dark


The electric drive of the latest generation of X-Way Movers covers all areas of application at an airport in the future. System boundaries between outdoor use on the apron and indoor use in logistics handling are exceeded by the short charging times when using lithium-ion batteries. Electrification of the vehicle fleet is often difficult due to the existing charging infrastructure and drive technologies at the airport. For this reason, the X-Way Mover is also available with diesel drive for pure outdoor use or with hybrid drive for combined indoor and outdoor use.

The X-Way Mover from HUBTEX | DIMOS carrying out a handling process in the aviation industry


Since a single vehicle is used in the air cargo area instead of many individual vehicles, maintenance and operating costs are reduced enormously. Efficiency increases because there is less downtime of individual vehicles or even no downtime at all. When multiple X-Way Movers are used in parallel, device failures are no longer a problem since the vehicle can be used universally for various work processes and therefore offers a replacement for every single ULD handling step. For vehicles with a hybrid drive, the battery is recharged during diesel operation. Even a complete replacement of the battery pack can be carried out in no time at all. Therefore, the X-Way Mover can be used 24/7.

Cargo Camel von HUBTEX und DIMOS

The X-Way Mover can be coupled to interfaces with existing systems and can be optimally integrated into the handling process. Since the X-Way Mover is limited to the transport of individual ULDs due to its dimensions, partners HUBTEX and Dimos have developed a ground-breaking concept as a replacement for dolly trains: the X-Way transporter. This allows multiple ULDs to be transported to the apron to load the aircraft. Conventional transport vehicles often have a length of up to 20 metres, which results in increased space requirements and difficulty manoeuvring. In contrast, the X-Way transporter is extremely manoeuvrable  due to its multidirectional steering mechanism and smaller space requirement. Recurring routes and processes make the handling sector ideally suited to automation solutions. 

Interfaces to the warehouse management system are created to map and optimise material flows. Another important step is the introduction of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems, which are used to transport and handle air cargo. Using autonomous systems to connect multiple logistics halls offers advantages for the customer with regard to efficiency and process optimisation. The batteries can be changed automatically at designated battery replacement facilities. Since depleted batteries are replaced with charged batteries in the shortest possible time, the vehicles are available on an almost continuous basis.


HUBTEX and its partner DIMOS are system suppliers in the air cargo sector. Together they are developing sustainable vehicles and logistics solutions to further optimise handling processes.