Order Picking
in the
timber industry

Safe handling of long,
bulky and heavy loads

Order picking platform from HUBTEX in the timber industry


  • Forest and wood management
  • Sawing industry
    • Low to medium turnover rate
    • Geringe Varianz an Material und Produkten
    • unterschiedliche Abmessungen
  • Wood industry
    • High turnover rate
    • Production just in time
    • Limited number of panel dimensions
  • Wood trade
    • Low to medium turnover rate
    • Storage of different products
    • Hohe Varianz an Material und Produkten
    • Specific dimensions
  • Wood construction/carpentry
    • High turnover rate
    • Storage of different products
    • High variance in material and products
    • Specific dimensions
  • Woodwork
    • Medium turnover rate
    • Storage of different products
    • High variance in material and products
    • Specific dimensions


  • Enables the provision of goods without scratches, breaks or other damage and thus ensures a high delivery quality
  • Relieves the employees
  • Increases picking speed and thus increases productivity
  • Leads to an increase through the use of state-of-the-art technology with low repair susceptibility
  • Lowers operating costs durch den Einsatz modernster Technologie mit einer geringen Reparaturanfälligkeit
  • Is fail-safe and thus ensures high product availability
  • Offers a high level of flexibility for all necessary work in the warehouse. For example, numerous equipment options can be integrated and vehicles can be used for different processes
Introducing a new picking solution is always preceded by a detailed analysis of the overall warehouse processes and warehouse typography. In order to transport material safely and without it being damaged, a number of factors must be taken into account in the selection process and questions answered.

What are the dimensions and weight of the pallets and the goods to be transported?

How many aisles are there?

How many people need to operate the picking system?

Is a new building planned or does the warehouse already exist?

What is the turnover rate?

Which possibilities can be implemented with the existing budget?

Is an interface to the WMS available/required?

Simple stacker for order picking

1. Manual order picking with counterbalance forklift trucks

In manual picking, the goods are provided in storage compartments. The employee picks the goods directly from the lowest levels of the rack system. Alternatively, the stored packages are completely removed from the higher rack levels with front or reach trucks and moved to picking tables. Individual goods are picked there.

ESTL Kommissionieren von Platten

2. Classic electric multidirectional side loaders

In their basic configuration, classic electric multidirectional sideloaders are suitable for handling long loads - especially in narrow aisles. A great advantage of these vehicles is the large number of optional equipment variants.

HUBTEX Plattform Kommissionierlösung für Platten

3. electric multidirectional side loader with a platform

For the use as a pure order picking vehicle, the multidirectional side loader is supplemented by a pick-up platform, whereby one pick-up takes a maximum of five minutes. The operator then controls the system from the platform. The operator picks the boards either alone or with another operator directly onto the platform.

Vakuumhebevorrichtung für das Kommissionieren von Platten


The vacuum lifting device on the picking platform reduces the risk of material damage on the electric multidirectional sideloader. Retractable suction cups suck individual sheets in and out of the shelf compartment. Only one person is needed to operate the system. For medium handling rates, the multidirectional sideloader convinces with flexibility and cost-effective operation. A disadvantage of the pick-up platform is the one-sided order picking. For picking from the opposite shelf compartment, the operator has to leave the aisle to turn the truck around. However, at low to medium handling rates the loss of time is minimal.

Teilautomatisierte Kommissionierlösungen von Platten von HUBTEX


Platform solutions are well suited for high storages. Operators on both sides of the aisle can serve both sides and by the use of telescopic tables the picked materials can be easily transferred. The vehicle configuration allows extremely narrow working aisle widths.

The electric two-side order picking platform with vacuum suction technology


The boundaries between partially and fully automated picking solutions for the wood industry are fluid. HUBTEX equips its order picking platforms with vacuum lifting devices and numerous assistance systems, thereby increasing not only the safety and efficiency of processes but also the level of automation. This can be achieved, for example, by automatic shelf compartment positioning or by connecting the vehicles to the warehouse management system.

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Vor- und Nachteile der 

Manual with front loader
Advantages Disadvantages
Cost efficient Not suitable for high turnover, long and bulky loads
Classic electric multidirectional side loader
Advantages Disadvantages
Suitable for handling long material and large pallets For high turnover rates, only suitable in combination with a picking system.
For indoor and outdoor use, Energy-efficient thanks to electric drive Conditionally suitable for pallets
Compact design, optimum view from the cabin
Can be used in narrow shelf aisles, Manoeuvrable due to multidirectional steering
Expandable with further equipment options
Electric multidirectional side loader with pick-up order picking platform
Advantages Disadvantages
Platform can be integrated within minutes One-sided picking in narrow aisle, thus loss of time due to turning processes
Convenient operation through control from the platform The dead weight of the platform must be taken into account
Optional additional protection of the materials by vacuum lifting device
Flexible application, both for load handling and order picking
Up to 80 % time saving compared to variant without platform
Picking platform
Advantages Disadvantages
Picking from both sides of the shelf possible without turning When using the narrow series, at least two platforms must be used for redundancy reasons
Medium to high handling performance Der Energieverbrauch von zwei Plattformen im Kombibetrieb aus Einlagerung und Kommissionierung ist höher, als bei der Kombination von Mehrwegestaplern zur Einlagerung und Plattformfahrzeugen zum Kommissionieren
Suitable for medium, heavy and bulky loads
When supplemented with telescopic forks, the storage of entire packages is handled by the use of telescopic forks and tables
This makes narrow aisle widths possible
Order picking platform with semi-automatic operation
Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced damage to the goods thanks to optionally applicable vacuum suction technology Possibly reduced speed compared to manual picking
Suitable for heavy panel materials
Relief for employees
Can be integrated into existing shelf system
Automatic solution
Advantages Disadvantages
Maximum integration of process integration Cannot be integrated into existing shelf system
Minimal damage to the goods
High energy efficiency
High speeds

Electric multidirectional sideloader

ESTL Kommissionieren von Platten

Electric multidirectional sideloader with removable order picking platform

HUBTEX Plattform Kommissionierlösung für Platten

Electric multidirectional sideloader with vacuum suction device

Aufnehmbare Kommissionierplattform mit ESTL

Electric two-sided order picking platform

Teilautomatisierte Kommissionierlösungen von Platten von HUBTEX

Electric two-sided order picking platform with vacuum suction device

The electric two-side order picking platform with vacuum suction technology