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HUBTEX will be showcasing its multi-directional counterbalanced truck, FLUX 30, and the MAXX 45 multi-directional reach truck at IWLEX in Warwickshire from May 14 to 15. In addition to handling standard pallets, the FLUX 30 allows companies to safely and efficiently transport long loads in-house when needed. The MAXX 45 serves as an excellent alternative to diesel and gas-powered forklifts. Visitors can explore more about these two trucks and all of our other solutions at booth G 45, discovering how they can benefit their operations. HUBTEX eagerly anticipates presenting its products at IWLEX 2024 and engaging in discussions with interested visitors. We look forward to your visit.

FLUX Multidirectional Counterbalanced Truck


HUBTEX's latest FLUX generation caters to both pallet and long goods transport within a single vehicle. This dual functionality as both a front and side loader makes the new FLUX series (3 and 4.5 tons) well-suited for various industries, including the wood industry, metal processing companies, and the building materials trade. To enhance overall visibility from the driver's cab, especially towards the load, HUBTEX relocates the cab from the side to the center of the vehicle, ensuring optimized operational perspectives.

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MaxX 45 Gruber Holz

MAXX Multidirectional Sideloader

The MaxX 45 electric multidirectional sideloader is engineered for efficiently handling long goods, boasting a robust load capacity of up to 4.5 tons. As part of the MaxX series, it inherits the acclaimed features of the Phoenix electric multidirectional sideloader while maintaining an appealing price-performance balance. This makes the MaxX 45 a compelling and cost-effective substitute for aging diesel vehicles, especially in tasks like loading and unloading trucks. With its blend of reliability, capacity, and affordability, the MaxX 45 stands as a versatile solution for businesses seeking to modernize their material handling operations.


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