Counterbalanced truck Flux with mast extended

HUBTEX at UK Metals expo 2024 

Reliable counterbalanced FORKLIFT FOR combined indoor and outdoor use

Join us at Booth J48 during the exhibition on September 11-12, 2024, where HUBTEX will showcase the FLUX 30 Counterbalanced Forklift. Experience its versatility and efficiency firsthand, and discover how HUBTEX can enhance your material handling operations. We look forward to seeing you there!

FLUX Multidirectional Counterbalanced Truck


HUBTEX's latest FLUX generation offers a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor material handling needs. This innovative series seamlessly combines pallet and long goods transport capabilities within a single vehicle. With its dual functionality as both a front and side loader, the latest FLUX series (3 and 4.5 tons) is perfectly suited for various industries, including woodworking, metal processing, and construction materials trade. Additionally, by relocating the cab from the side to the center of the vehicle, HUBTEX ensures optimised operational perspectives, enhancing visibility for drivers during both indoor and outdoor use.

Gegengewichtsstapler Flux transportiert lange Profile

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