HUBTEX vehicles in operation

GROEN & JANSSEN relies on efficient transport solutions at two Warehouses

Long, heavy, and sensitive goods place special safety requirements on careful transport logistics. In combination with limited storage space and narrow rack aisles, conventional forklift trucks quickly reach their limits. That's why, in only two years, Groen & Janssen invested in four Hubtex multi-directional sideloaders to optimize its material flow.

Groen & Janssen, headquartered in the East Frisian town of Georgsheil, was founded in 1962 as a timber trade and now employs around 200 people. In 1991, the current business model was created, which introduced the division of the medium-sized company into wood and plastics distribution. Both divisions operate within the parent company Groen & Janssen. Groen & Janssen GmbH plastics sale is one of Germany's leading suppliers of plastic and composite products for homes and gardens. The company supplies craftsmen and DIY stores in Germany and neighboring European countries with its products. The product range includes gardening elements such as decking or wind and visual protection elements as well as roller shutters and external blinds, roof, and wall profiles as well as materials for house and façade construction. Groen & Janssen GmbH Holz-Türen-Platten operates as a wholesaler and retailer in Northern Germany and supplies the crafts and building materials trade with products for interior design as well as classic wood trade. The product range extends from interior doors to floor coverings to panel materials and lumber.

Short delivery time with high quality

Groen & Janssen GmbH Holz-Türen-Platten decided to build a new location with an interactive exhibition and an air-conditioned warehouse in Leer, about 40 km from Georgsheil, to meet the requirements of a modern product presentation and high-quality warehousing in the wood sector. Due to the limited construction area, the dealer implemented shelving systems of 7.50 m in height. In the planning of the warehouse, the decision for a new logistics strategy flowed in: To increase the storage capacity in the new hall, the company decided to use multi-directional sideloaders instead of the forklift trucks used until then. "Thanks to our new logistics concept, we needed vehicles that reliably transport long and heavy loads, even in narrow aisles, and load and unload them in our new racks at a height of up to 7.50 m instead of 4 m," reports Renko Schoon, Project manager of Groen & Janssen GmbH wood-door panels. "We chose Hubtex multi-directional sideloaders because of the short delivery time and comprehensive advice and support." To maximize equipment availability, the manufacturer offers a special service: maintenance and repairs, repairs with original spare parts as well as annual safety checks are part of the service package. One of the most important quality criteria for the service is the fast and competent completion of the tasks. "Industrial trucks are often key devices. If multi-directional sideloaders fail, the entire operation often stops, "explains Fred Raske, Branch Manager North at Hubtex. "Hubtex has been synonymous with fast and reliable service for 35 years."

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Safe transport of specialty goods

The approximately 2,500 m² warehouse in Leer holds around 11,500 different items, including large and heavy panel materials, lumber, and break-sensitive doors with light cutouts. These can be properly and professionally picked from the high shelves using the Hubtex electric multi-directional sideloader. Hubtex produces at the Fulda site and also manufactures components such as the masts themselves. "Through our production, we can respond to individual customer requests, for example, for particularly high lifting heights and residual capacities," explains Raske. Among other things, the Groen & Janssen GmbH wood-door panels use a Hubtex multi-way sideloader MQ 40 (series 2130). This has a useful width of 2.20 m, plate goods with dimensions of up to 5 m x 2.10 m can thus be easily transported. With a lifting capacity of 4 t and a lifting height of up to 7.20 m, the forklift can optimally store heavy wood packages at high altitudes. In addition, a smaller second-hand unit MQ 35 (Series 2125) with a usable width of 1.40 m is in use and takes on the task of loading and unloading pallets and wooden packages with dimensions of 1.20 x 1.20 m and up to 6 m in length, "In daily use, the user device is hardly distinguishable from our new device. To reduce the costs of the overall investment, we decided on this solution and did not regret it ", summarizes Schoon. The content of the new logistics strategy was also the planning of the transport of the plastic products in the newly built production halls of Groen & Janssen GmbH Kunststoffvertrieb in Georgsheil. The electrically powered Hubtex four-way forklift DQ 30 E (Series 3120) takes over this task: With a lifting height of 4.50 m and a lifting capacity of 3 t, it masters picking from the high-bay racking without any problems. Equipped with elastic tires, it is also suitable for outdoor use. In addition, another truck is being used in the new halls of Groen & Janssen GmbH Kunststoffvertrieb: The Hubtex multi-way sideloader MQ 30 (series 2121) is particularly suitable for the smallest possible working width thanks to its extremely narrow design. An integrated personal protection system ensures safety in the warehouse: the system recognizes people in the corridors via a laser scanner. The truck will automatically stop until the gear is cleared for further travel.

maximizing space efficiency

By switching from front to multi-directional sideloaders, Groen & Janssen has been able to equip the two new warehouses with particularly narrow aisles and high shelves, maximizing space efficiency without compromising on the quality of storage. As a result, Groen & Janssen is using the Hubtex multi-directional sideloader particularly successfully, because the sophisticated logistics strategy ensures the material flow, saves investment costs, and ensures safe handling of the high-quality products.

HUBTEX vehicles in operation