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The HUBTEX 4 way forklift trucks in the DQ series are ideal for outdoor use, especially with poor ground conditions. The driver is the focus of the latest development, the DQ-X. The cab has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and visibility has been increased to a maximum thanks to more compact masts and fork carriages. The intelligent vehicle control system, in combination with the latest motor technologies, reduces noise, exhaust emissions and energy consumption to a minimum. The vehicle is universally suited for the transport of long goods in narrow aisles or as a conventional frontloader for pallet and block stacking.

HUBTEX DQ-X impresses in use

Use the advantages of our four-way forklifts for your application
The handling of long goods requires flexible 4-way forklifts. Straight narrow aisles and the outdoor terrain present special challenges for many users. We would be pleased to help you find the best possible solution for your application. Let us know your individual requirements with just a few clicks and without any obligation.

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With or without HUBTEX DQX

Optimal storage capacities
The use of HUBTEX 4-way forklift trucks makes it possible to drive through narrow aisles without problems and to reduce the distance between the rack rows to a minimum. This creates space for additional rack rows and new storage capacities.

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The main features at a glance
our 4-way forklifts


New turbo engine in the DQ-X ensures
comfortable application

Energy efficient, quiet and highly ergonomic: The 4-way sideloader DQ 45-X from HUBTEX offers maximum user-friendliness. The redesigned universal sideloader drives with low emissions, quietly and also has an intelligent vehicle control system including special tyres for outdoor use - especially when handling and transporting heavy and bulky loads.

HUBTEX fourway forklift scores with best all-round visibility in its class

The focus of all new developments of the DQ-X with a load capacity of 4.5 t is the driver, which is why the newly designed cab and mast are highlights of the new series. The ergonomic cab offers improved legroom and the best all-round visibility in its class during transport and loading. The visibility is essentially made possible by the newly developed free-view lift mast and the compact fork carriage. In addition, the new windows with reduced reflection also contribute to optimum visibility. The driver is not distracted by reflections in the windscreen and can concentrate fully on the work process.

Energy-efficient and quiet

Users of the new fourway loader can choose between different driving modes depending on their work requirements. The new eco mode ensures especially energy-saving driving. Thanks to an intelligent vehicle control system, the pumps and cooling system are only supplied with as much energy as is required to carry out the current work. This saves fuel and also significantly reduces vehicle noise.

Safe transport of heavy loads even on uneven terrain

With the series 3051 and 3052, HUBTEX has developed two specialists for outdoor use especially for heavy-duty applications in the handling of long loads. The 4-way trucks with three-wheel chassis can also adapt to poor ground conditions in outdoor use due to their large tyres and hydrostatic all-wheel drive. The 3051 series offers two types in the load capacity range of 7 and 8 tons. For particularly heavy-duty applications up to 14 tonnes HUBTEX offers the DQ 140 of the 3052 series, which is currently the largest vehicle of the DQ series. The forklift can be individually adapted to the requirements of the application due to different load bed widths and lifting heights.

Specialists for more efficient workflows

This is what distinguishes our 4-way sideloaders

Driver’s cab
HUBTEX DQ-X 45 offers the best possible all-round view through spacious driver's cab

The enlarged cab of the DQ-X fourway loader provides the driver with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. All vehicle information is clearly displayed on a color display. A larger touch screen option is available, with integrated camera views if required. Thanks to the newly designed anti reflective glass windows, annoying reflections are a thing of the past. Due to the larger vehicle dimensions of the 3051 and 3052 series, the cabs are also larger in the heavy-duty range. The drivers can benefit from increased arm and legroom

The interior view of the DQ-X cab shows a wide variety of operation variants
Operating the DQX via finger tips and travel direction switch

The improved cab concept in the new DQ-X allows for excellent all-round visibility. The driver has a significantly larger view radius than in comparable competitor models. The ergonomic operation via finger tips and travel direction switch allows for quick and convenient operation. In the case of the heavy-duty vehicles, operation is via individual levers or optionally via joystick.

Steering system
The steering of the DQ series has been completely revised and optimized.

The newly designed steering system has a 20° greater steering angle than comparable predecessors. This gives vehicles in the DQ-X series a significantly tighter turning circle. Moreover, the switching times from longitudinal to traverse drive are significantly reduced. Under normal driving conditions, the time for a change of direction is reduced by up to 40 percent. The improvements lead to a considerably faster turnaround of goods and improved maneuverability.

Der Motor des neuen DQ-X von HUBTEX

The DQ-X has a low-emission, quiet turbo motor which fulfills the criteria of the Tier 4 final / EURO Stage 5 emissions standard. Compared with its previous motor, emissions have been reduced by up to 30 percent. In addition, the diesel-powered DQ-X – just like the HUBTEX electric forklifts – is equipped with driver assistance systems which increase occupational safety: For example, it automatically slows down on bends or when a load is lifted. Forklift drivers work with the new DQ-X in an energy-efficient, quiet and highly ergonomic manner. The 3051 series also uses motors from other manufacturers.

HUBTEX 3-wheel chassis in use on asphalted floor

The 3-wheel chassis is the best solution with poor floor conditions. Due to their hydrostatic all-wheel drive with separately activated differential lock, they are ideally suited for poor ground or floor conditions as well as semi-solid ground (even for slippery surfaces such as ice and snow).  

Fork carriage and lift mast
The Simplex mast from HUBTEX with the Type I fork carriage
The Triplex mast with our Type III fork carriage

Lift masts and fork carriages have been specially redesigned for the DQ-X. The focus of the development was on improving visibility to the load. The result is the more compact masts and fork carriages. In vehicles with a higher load capacity, the mast profiles are further apart in order to meet the higher load capacities for long loads.  (Here, the 2016 options are pictured)

Telescopic forks
Close-up view of a hydraulically adjustable telescopic fork

Our vehicles often have to carry different load depths. If this is the case, our hydraulically adjustable telescopic forks are exactly the right equipment for your HUBTEX.  They are controlled simply at the push of a button from the cab. 

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Created for your field of application
Our 4-way forklift trucks in practice

The transport of long and heavy wood sheets is child’s play with the HUBTEX DQ-X

The compact design of the lift mast improves visibility of the right fork, especially when lifting long loads. 

The HUBTEX DQ transporting wood sheets in the outdoor warehouse

The HUBTEX DQ-X convinces with its high all-round visibility in all driving directions. 

The HUBTEX DQ-X 45 with raised fork carriage in the outdoor warehouse

If required to lift long loads, the DQ-X can optionally be equipped with a fork carriage for long loads. 

The HUBTEX DQ passing through a gate carrying a bulky load of wood

The vehicles in our DQ series are also available with load capacities up to 8 tons.

The DQ-X 45 from HUBTEX handling heavy and bulky wood sheets

The DQ Series 3051 is suitable for transporting heavy, long loads over uneven terrain.  

The HUBTEX DQ-X handling on the third rack level

But the building materials, metal, aluminum and plastics industries are also typical areas of application for the DQ-X. 

Hubtex Sideloader forklift is handling wood

The steering of the three-wheel chassis has a 20° greater steering angle than its predecessors.

Heavy and long wood sheets are securely transported with our DQ-X

Even very long loads can be reliably lifted with the DQ-X.

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Series Load capacity (t) Load bed width NB (mm) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Load bed opening RA (mm) Tire equipment Motor Cab Data Sheet
3050x 4.5 1200 / 1400 up to 7500 2450 1340 EL Diesel / LPG OptiView PDF


More information about the 4-way forklift
Your questions and our answers

What is a 4-way forklift?

Hubtex 4 way forklifts are robust sideloaders powered by diesel or gas. Due to their short frame length for sideloaders, these series are three types of truck in one:

Front loader - Sideloader - 4-way forklift

They can be used for transporting long goods in narrow aisles or as a conventional front forklift for stacking pallets and blocks. Due to their large tyres, four-wheel drive and gas or diesel engine, they are particularly suitable for outdoor use, even on poor grounds.

The HUBTEX DQ-X 3050 shows its best side when used for transport outdoors

What is the difference between a 4-way and a multidirectional sideloader?

The main difference is the design of the chassis. 4-way forklifts are usually equipped with a 3-wheel chassis, with two load wheels and a large central drive wheel on the rear frame. 3-wheel chassis offer the advantage that even large unevenness of the ground can be compensated without any problems. In comparison, the wheel sizes of four-way sideloaders are larger than those of multidirectional forklifts, which means that this concept offers advantages in outdoor use on poor ground conditions.

Heavy and long wood sheets are securely transported with our DQ-X
Phoenix the electric multidirectional sideloader from HUBTEX

In comparison, most multi-directional forklifts on the market use a four-wheel concept with two double rollers on the load side and two large rollers on the cab and drive side. The big advantage of four-wheel chassis is the significantly smaller turning radius of the vehicles, which allows you to make the most of your advantages, especially in indoor applications where space is very limited. Compared to 4-way forklifts, you need level compensation to overcome uneven floors. With Hubtex, this is ensured by an articulated frame or hydraulic compensation. Older designs of 4-wheel drive sideloaders are also known as four-way trucks. However, this term is quite outdated, as 4-wheel chassis offer considerably more possibilities than a pure longitudinal, transverse and circular drive. As a rule, there are systems with diagonal travel, individually controlled wheels or fluently changing travel directions and steering point shifts. See for this the HUBTEX HX steering system.

Multidirectional sideloaders with electric or combustion engine?

In order to find the best truck for a particular application, it is not sufficient to consider individual aspects in isolation when selecting the right truck drive for a multi-directional truck. It is worthwhile for users to take a holistic view of the application areas, the total cost of ownership, the performance capacities and the service life. This is the only way to find the best individual solution. The development of electrically driven vehicles is rapid. Particularly in times of increasing environmental awareness of companies and the trend towards automation, it can be said that electric reusable forklifts are entering numerous new areas of application. 
At Hubtex, we continue to focus on internal combustion engine vehicles, even though their share in our product portfolio has been steadily decreasing over the last few years and will continue to decrease. The areas of application for electric vehicles are expanding, but there are still application scenarios in which thermally powered industrial trucks are still clearly superior to electric vehicles. Accordingly, we are continuing to work on increasing the energy efficiency of our vehicles. One example of this is the development of our DQ-X model, in which we have placed energy consumption, noise minimization and ergonomics at the heart of the development of a diesel-powered four-way forklift.
 Four-way sideloaders as well as 4-way trucks are synonyms for the same group of vehicles. These vehicles are suitable for transporting long goods. For this purpose, they pick up the load from the side. The turning circle is considerably reduced by the multidirectional steering system. 

Electric drive vs. combustion engine

How is a 4-way sideloader driven?

4-way sideloaders with a three-wheel chassis are available with diesel, gas or electric drive. By far the largest market share is held by forklifts powered by a diesel engine.
Accordingly, when buying a four-way sideloader, special attention must be paid to the engine equipment. Power reserves for outdoor use, low noise levels in the cabin and low emissions are important criteria in the selection of forklift. The same applies to the drive. With diesel and gas engines, a hydrostatic drive via hydraulic motors is generally used. Here too, high-quality components are important.

How is a 4-way sideloader constructed?

In addition to the vehicle frame with the previously described 3-wheel chassis with steering, the 4 way forklift is essentially composed of lift mast, fork carriage, engine, hydraulic equipment and cab. The very robust and compact four-way system was developed by HUBTEX mainly for outdoor use. Due to their hydrostatic all-wheel drive with engageable differential lock, they are ideally suited for poor soils and semi-solid ground (even in ice and snow).
The four-way steering system enables optimum handling of long and bulky loads and efficient use of storage space. Its steering system offers the shortest possible switching times from longitudinal to transverse travel. The powerful diesel and gas engines meet the latest environmental standards and are optimised in terms of ease of maintenance and service.

The DQ-X 45 from HUBTEX handling heavy and bulky wood sheets

Where can you buy a used 4-way forklift?

HUBTEX has been producing 4-way forklifts since 2001 and accordingly a large number of interesting used trucks are now available. Before they are sold, they are renewed by experienced technicians at the HUBTEX manufacturing plant and brought into a very good condition.
Due to the exclusive use of original spare parts your forklift truck remains an original HUBTEX. Our service advisors offer you the highest transparency for the development of your maintenance costs. Individually tailored maintenance concepts offer you a clearly calculable cost structure. On request, we can analyse your previous maintenance costs and show you potential savings. This means that even the investment in a used device can become a long-term investment.