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Heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles are an essential tool for in-plant transportation of heavy and bulky loads in various industries and fields of application. HUBTEX is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles. The wide range of different heavy-duty vehicles is designed for transporting loads weighing up to 350 tons. In particular, platform transporters, rail-mounted trucks, tool changers and electric towing tractors play a major role in heavy-duty transport in intralogistics.

Our vehicles are durable and robust. They withstand the toughest operating conditions. HUBTEX heavy-duty vehicles also boast comparatively compact dimensions and high maneuverability. Even working in the tightest of spaces is not a problem.

Lighting equipment ensures higher safety for the new SFX platform transporter

Lighting equipment ensures higher safety for the new SFX platform transporter.

New SFX platform transporter with load capacities of 25, 40 and 65 t

New SFX platform transporter with load capacities of 25, 40 and 65 t

HUBTEX tool changers

When heavy tools need to be replaced in the automotive industry, HUBTEX vehicles are used.

HUBTEX tool changers

HUBTEX tool changers guarantee an efficient in-house process.

Electric towing tractor from HUBTEX

The electric towing tractor can handle a wide variety of goods in the sheet metal industry.

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Heavy-duty transport vehicles for almost every application

SFX platform transporter

Platform transporter SFX for heavy-duty transport

5–130 t



Manual operation

Rail-mounted truck

Titelbild HUBTEX Gleiswagen

5-350 t

Moves on rails


Manual operation

Tool changer

HUBTEX Werkzeugwechsler

10-65 t



Manual operation

Electric towing tractor

EFCSH electric towing tractor

32 t or 50 t system load

Pulling and pushing cargo trailers


Driver's seat operation


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Volkswagen plant Wolfsburg

A new multidirectional tool changer from the special purpose vehicles manufacturer HUBTEX was especially designed for the application at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg Germany for transporting and changing injection moulding tools.

SBB Rail Technology Center Hägendorf

Punctual and reliable: The Deutsche Bahn rarely hears such praise. In contrast, the Swiss Federal Railways enjoy an excellent image, which is partly due to the careful maintenance of their infrastructure. Around 600 of the 13,000 switches in the more than 3,000 kilometers of rail network are replaced every year. The production of these switches and other preventive and maintenance measures are part of the range of tasks of the SBB Rail Technology Center Hägendorf (BTC).

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Things worth knowing about heavy-duty vehicles
Our answers to your questions

Are there coil transporters, platform trucks and rail cars available as AGVs?

The transport of coils is one of the typical tasks for manufacturers of metal strips and wire in intralogistics. Typically, platform and track wagons are often used for this purpose. Alternatively, HUBTEX offers special coil transporters or electric traction heads as well as heavy duty compact forklifts. These vehicle types form the basis for automated processes. HUBTEX relies on a modular construction kit with automated functions, assistance systems and safety components that are gradually being integrated into series production vehicles. This includes, for example, automatic positioning which navigates the operator directly in front of the correct shelf compartment after entering the desired position. HUBTEX has already anticipated the step-by-step automation with assistance systems: In the basic construction of the vehicles, cable routes, holders and sensors are pre-planned, with which the devices can also be automated later on.  

Transporting rotor blades with a HUBTEX platform transporter