Bereifung des Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststaplers



From multi-directional forklifts to special-purpose vehicles: In the references you can find out how our vehicles are used. Pick out your industry and your desired solution. Our customers will then tell you how they benefit from our vehicles. We would also be happy to solve your handling task!

Multi-directional forklift
Maxx Mehrwegestapler Hubtex im Einsatz

Building materials dealer Halvax Paneelsysteme

Building materials

Halvax Paneelsysteme GmbH is a company in Carinthia, Austria. From Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the company distributes roof and wall systems throughout Carinthia. In goods handling, therefore, a variety of long, short and sometimes very heavy products must be moved.

Multi-directional forklift
Hubtex Maxx transportiert langes Holz

Timber merchant Douglas Hout


Douglas Hout, a company based in Ede, the Netherlands, specializes in the import and trade of Douglas fir wood. The company offers both standard dimensions of 2-6 meters and custom dimensions. The warehouse is mainly narrow aisles and high shelves.

Multi-directional forklift
Der HUBTEX MQ 40 im Einsatz in der Metallbranche



Co-determination is something quite natural in Switzerland. This applies not only to petitions for a referendum at municipal, cantonal and federal level, but also sometimes to workplace surveys. The best example is V-ZUG AG, which specialises in high-quality kitchen and washroom appliances. When the […]

Multi-directional forklift
FluX Mehrwege Gegengewichtsstapler transportiert Profile

Multidirectional counterbalanced trucks transport profiles

Building materials

Zetprofiel Heteren is a company located near Arnhem in the Netherlands. The company manufactures profiles for various applications. Especially for prefabricated halls, company buildings but also for private homes. The profiles are manufactured according to customer requirements and then also […]

Multi-directional forklift
Mehrwege Seitenstapler transportiert lange Lasten

Bos Dynamics

Building materials

Bos Dynamics is a logistics company from Ede in the Netherlands. The company transports extra-long parts, such as garage doors, fences, sliding doors, verandas and more to Germany, Belgium, France and Austria. More than 100 vehicles and just as many employees ensure that the goods reach the customer […]

Reach truck
Reach truck for coils

Carl Schlenk AG


Whether in mechanical engineering or other branches of industry, sooner or later, process optimisation requires the transport of heavy and complex loads. Carl Schlenk AG, the manufacturer of metal powders, pigments, and foils has its headquarters in Barnsdorf near Roth (Bavaria), Germany. In its […]

Special vehicle
HUBTEX apple crate transporter lifting a load

Apple transporter for Mivor


Working to the requirements of the apple growing cooperative, Hubtex developed the KTR 120 inloader, which MIVOR has been using since June 2016. The apple crate transporter has a load carrying capacity of 12 tonnes and can pick up seven batches of up to four crates. It can also transport up to 144 […]

Order picking platform
Stacker fleet



Who reads on the company development of Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H. , encounters a flawless success story. It began in 1986 - not in a legendary garage as a starting point, but in the basement of company founder Ingrid and Albert Blecha. 28 years later, with a total storage area of 15,700 m², the […]

Special vehicle
HUBTEX SFB at Volkswagen

Volkswagen plant Wolfsburg


A new multidirectional tool changer from the special purpose vehicles manufacturer HUBTEX was especially designed for the application at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg Germany for transporting and changing injection moulding tools.