Bereifung des Nexx Mehrwege Schubmaststaplers



From multi-directional forklifts to special-purpose vehicles: In the references you can find out how our vehicles are used. Pick out your industry and your desired solution. Our customers will then tell you how they benefit from our vehicles. We would also be happy to solve your handling task!

Platform transporter
Self-propelled heavy-duty platform SFX for indoor/outdoor use



The Austrian company Binder+Co AG uses a Hubtex SFX electric platform truck with a payload of 40 t and multidirectional steering for the in-house transport of raw materials and semi-finished and finished bulk material processing systems. Bulk material processing systems weighing up to 40 tonnes can […]

Multi-directional forklift
Metecno - carretilla universal DQ-X manipulando paneles sándwich

Building material manufacturer METECNO sandwich panels

Building materials

The loads to be transported by METECNO are mainly sandwich panel packages with dimensions ranging from 3 to 18 meters. The Diesel four-way forklifts DQ-X are equipped with a detachable fork carriage, which offers great flexibility to safely move different load lengths.

Multi-directional forklift
Truck unloading with the Hubtex PHOENIX multidirectional sideloader

Building materials manufacturer HIANSA sandwich panels

Building materials

HIANSA has experienced numerous benefits through the acquisition of our HUBTEX multi-directional forklifts. Thanks to the environmentally friendly and reliable electric solution, HIANSA has been able to maintain the demanding performance without generating pollutant exhaust emissions.

Multi-directional forklift
Carretilla multidireccional PHOENIX manipulando perfiles de aluminio

Manufacturer of solar protection systems Giménez Ganga


At Giménez Ganga they handle long loads of 6 meters long in aisles 3 meters wide. This requires the use of side-loading forklifts.  
As operations were carried out indoors, another fundamental requirement was that they had to have an electric motor, which is why HUBTEX met all the requirements to a […]

Multi-directional forklift
Carretilla multidireccional_Orona

Elevator manufacturer ORONA

Building materials

Very narrow aisles, a high level of storage, the need to handle very heavy and bulky loads, as well as long loads such as lifting rails, required a solution that allows optimizing the available space to use it for other functions in the production process.

Multi-directional forklift
Maxx Mehrwegestapler Hubtex im Einsatz

Building materials dealer Halvax Paneelsysteme

Building materials

Halvax Paneelsysteme GmbH is a company in Carinthia, Austria. From Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the company distributes roof and wall systems throughout Carinthia. In goods handling, therefore, a variety of long, short and sometimes very heavy products must be moved.

Multi-directional forklift
Hubtex Maxx transportiert langes Holz

Timber merchant Douglas Hout


Douglas Hout, a company based in Ede, the Netherlands, specializes in the import and trade of Douglas fir wood. The company offers both standard dimensions of 2-6 meters and custom dimensions. The warehouse is mainly narrow aisles and high shelves.

Multi-directional forklift
Der HUBTEX MQ 40 im Einsatz in der Metallbranche



Co-determination is something quite natural in Switzerland. This applies not only to petitions for a referendum at municipal, cantonal and federal level, but also sometimes to workplace surveys. The best example is V-ZUG AG, which specialises in high-quality kitchen and washroom appliances. When the […]

Multi-directional forklift
FluX Mehrwege Gegengewichtsstapler transportiert Profile

Multidirectional counterbalanced trucks transport profiles

Building materials

Zetprofiel Heteren is a company located near Arnhem in the Netherlands. The company manufactures profiles for various applications. Especially for prefabricated halls, company buildings but also for private homes. The profiles are manufactured according to customer requirements and then also […]