HUBTEX Käsetransporter im Regal



The maturation of the cheese takes a lot of time for developing its special taste. The flow of materials is very different: time is running out, and Cono Kaasmakers value the highest speed and the best quality. These were the required properties after the 10 to 12 years old predecessor forklift trucks caused too high repair costs. "Maybe we kept them in operation a little too long," Cono Kaasmakers says self-critically. In any case, the new HUBTEX forklifts should do the job just as fast, but also as reliably as possible. Standstill means loss of productivity. A company like Cono Kaasmakers does not want to afford that. Although the drivers initially complained of a slightly slower fork function, they are very satisfied with the overall equipment. Director of HUBTEX Nederland, Jaap van der Vlies, explains: "We had to slow down the speed of fork lift-up to minimize risks and thus meet the strict requirements of the Dutch legislator. Safety therefore took priority over speed. "It is important to load and unload shelves with up to 3 t heavy loads in shelves of up to 6.75 m, with load center of 500 mm. An average of 320 journeys of around 200 m are made per shift. This means a tough job, and that at 78% moisture in saline and salt-laden air. There are four batteries for the two forklift trucks, ensuring continuous availability in shift operation. A range of spare parts and a six-year full service contract have the same purpose.

The royally legitimated quality manufacturer has been producing successfully for over 100 years and is well known in Dutch cheese production. "We produce the best cheese, as we regularly put procedures and processes to the test and improve them. Our suppliers are very concerned with the wellbeing of cows, e.g. by gently brushing, "says Marketing Manager Brechje Veerman. So much attention to detail was also shown in the new forklift. Jaap van der Vlies cites an example: "Cono Kaasmakers explicitly wanted a larger cab for the drivers so that comfort is as high as possible. Actually, the now built-in cabin is designed for larger forklifts. "The silver cabinets also increase driver comfort by providing better visibility.

Einlagern von Käse mithilfe des HUBTEX Mehrwege-Seitenstaplers

Alle HUBTEX Mehrwege-Seitenstapler können individuell an die Kundenwünsche angepasst werden, wie beispielsweise hier in der Käseherstellung.

HUBTEX Käsetransporter im Regal

Auch enge Regalreihen lassen sich mit dem HUBTEX Gerät beim Käsetransport bedienen. Für Unternehmen ein echter Effizienzgewinn.

Ein Schubmaststapler in der Lebensmittelindustrie.

Ein HUBTEX Schubmaststapler transportiert Käselaibe in der Lebensmittelindustrie.

HUBTEX Mehrwege-Seitenstapler mit Käse

Mehrere Käseplatten lassen sich ohne Probleme mit dem HUBTEX Mehrwege-Seitenstapler ein- und auslagern.

Der HUBTEX MQ 30 im Einsatz in der Lebensmittelbranche

Der MQ 30 schafft bis zu 3 t schwere Käsegestelle und kann diese in Regale bis zu einer Höhe von 6,75 m ein- und auszulagern, wobei der Lastschwerpunkt bei 500 mm liegt.