Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX
Order picking
on both sides
of the rack
carrying capacity


order picker

The storage and order picking of mainly doors and frames in pallet racks are the main tasks of the electric multidirectional twosided order pickers of the MK series. This order picker is a classic electric multidirectional sideloader with an integrated liftable cabin for picking individual customer orders.


The optional installation of various sensors and light barriers can prevent the HUBTEX electric multidirectional twosided order picker from colliding with people or structural obstacles. The all-round protection practically excludes injuries and damage to the vehicle and other objects.


The MK series vehicle with optional multi-directional steering is characterised by its robust design and high load capacity. The powerful driving motors and the large Vulkollan wheels allow speeds of up to 8 km/h. The truck is equipped with a high load-bearing capacity. The two-stage mast with full free lift can be extended up to a height of 6,600 mm.


The vehicles can optionally be equipped with transponder antennas in the vehicle frame. In addition, transponders must be integrated into the roadway. These transmit signals to the transponders installed in the vehicle, which automatically ensure a dead straight and safe journey in the racking aisle. As soon as the desired rack area has been reached, the driver determines the end position with the help of the cross-line lasers mounted on the picking platform. The desired rack height can be reached with the picking platform. Thanks to the pre-programmed position data, the goods can now be picked quickly and easily with the vacuum suction device.


Multidirectional steering 
Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX
Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX im Einsatz

HUBTEX sets innovative standards with the HX multidirectional steering system. Using the optionally available omnidirectional steering system enables the trucks to change without stopping from longitudinal to transverse drive. This reduces the time needed to switch directions, provides excellent maneuverability and has the added benefit of significantly reducing wear.

Vakuum suction device
Der Ansaugprozess der Vakuumsaugvorrichtung eines MK von HUBTEX
Die Vakuumsaugvorrichtung des Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer von HUBTEX

The Vacumax suction device can take the plates out of the racking system single and double deep with two horizontal suction telescopes. The suction telescopes retract between the rack supports of the racking system to save space, so that no additional free space is required in the racking compartments. With the initial stroke at the rear of the suction telescopes, all plates can be completely picked from both the lowest and the highest shelf level.

Liftable Operator's Platform
Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX beim Einfahren in einen Regalgang
Ein Bedienmonitor eines MK von HUBTEX

The liftable operator's platform, which is permanently connected to the platform, provides a good view on the load so that the operator can directly view the order picking process. With additional assistance systems, cameras and monitors, the operator can work reliably.

Support telescopic tables
Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX

The optionally available support telescopic tables can store the commissioned panel stacks directly in transfer spaces. From there, the finished products can be transported directly to the truck.

Die Vakuumsaugvorrichtung im Einsatz in der Holzindustrie

Mit dem Initialhub an der Rückseite der Saugerteleskope können alle Platten sowohl aus der untersten und obersten Regalfachebene komplett kommissioniert werden.

Seitenansicht des Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten-Kommissionieres MK 70 von HUBTEX

Die Ausstattung der Fahrzeuge mit Transponderantennen im Fahrzeugrahmen kann optional vorgenommen werden.

Das Bedienpult eines Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten-Kommissionieres von HUBTEX

Mit dem Bedienpult kann die Maschine auch um 360 Grad auf der Stelle gedreht werden.

Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX im Einsatz

Der Stapler MK 70 mit optionaler Mehrwegelenkung zeichnet sich durch seine robuste Bauweise und eine hohe Tragfähigkeit aus.

Der Elektro-Mehrwege-Zweiseiten Kommissionierer MK von HUBTEX

Durch den fest mit der Plattform verbundenen hochfahrbaren Bedienstand ist eine gute Sicht auf die Last möglich.