HUBTEX conveyor systems in use in the aviation industry

Omnidirectional EPL material lifter and work platform from Hubtex

Enhancing speed and efficiency in aircraft construction and maintenance 


As global air traffic continues to increase, so too does the need for aircraft. In the field of aircraft construction and maintenance, there is a high level of demand for smart solutions that ensure efficient work processes and thus help to reduce production and maintenance costs. This is where Hubtex comes in with its mobile material lifter and supply platform from the EPL series. The electrically driven, omnidirectional platform facilitates the swift completion of all necessary work on the aircraft and reliably transports technicians and materials to the required position. Freight lifts can be operated conveniently via remote or from the workstand and the platform even includes the option of fully automated operation. 

Workflows are organised according to a tight schedule and everything needs to be done quickly – speed and efficiency are the name of the game for the construction and maintenance of aircraft. Hubtex offers optimal support in this field with its EPL-series mobile material lifter and work platform. The self-driving, omnidirectional freight lifts can be tailored to clients' individual load-carrying capacity requirements. Thanks to the platform's modular design and the use of interchangeable parts, clients are able to keep a stockpile of replacement parts at a low cost and with minimum space requirements. Available in variants with 2-mast and 3-/4-mast lift systems, the platforms can be individually tailored to the most diverse range of client requirements and spatial situations. With the 4-mast version, one platform remains in a fixed position at the aircraft while the other acts as a freight lift that can be continuously loaded and unloaded. This helps to save valuable time and ensures there is no need for an additional workstand between the aircraft and the platform. 

Precise positioning and maximum protection

Workers are able to drive the Hubtex vehicle precisely into position via remote control and a high-resolution display. The remote control system can easily be adjusted to the relevant vehicle characteristics and positioning. High-precision sensors allow users to comprehensively monitor the vehicle and its surroundings during the positioning process. This increases the safety of individuals and the materials used, while also preventing damage to the aircraft. Lithium-ion batteries guarantee a high level of vehicle availability thanks to maximum performance and short charging times. The EPL platforms can be equipped with slow- and line-moving functions as an optional extra. These variants feature specially designed drive systems and – depending on requirements – can move at a much reduced speed in a line or at full speed in recycle mode. If required, several platforms can be coupled together for operation. They are connected to each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can be controlled together using a remote control. Doing so increases load-carrying capacity and simplifies the positioning process, which helps to save a substantial amount of time. Fully automated operation is also possible: Hubtex has designed all the system's components to be compatible with driverless operation, with fully automated operation possible through the integration of control system components.